Introducing Venn LocalZone™: Policy Admin Center

Introducing Venn LocalZone™: Policy Admin Center

By Vennetian | Apr 8, 2022

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Welcome to the final (I know, we’re sad too!) edition of “Introducing Venn LocalZone™,” where we highlight the features that make Venn a leading secure remote workspace. Feel free to dive back in for refreshers on how LocalZone tech enables DLP, how to enroll a mobile device onto the Venn platform, or how Venn simplifies remote data management. Today we’ll be taking a peek at the Venn Policy Admin Center, the central hub for everything data loss and device policy management. 



Centralized Policy Access for Company Wide Management

Venn’s Policy Admin Center contains a simple, easy to use interface where you can manage both device and DLP security settings. In device management you’ll see three primary enforcement modes based on conditional access: Disabled, Balanced, and Strict.


  • Disabled: The disabled enforcement mode allows unrestricted and unregulated access regardless of device compliance status. All business activities are permitted without any compliance checks, making it the easiest for your employees to use, but the least secure.

  • Balanced: Balanced access allows for conditional usage based on compliance checks. Normal business functions are allowed, but local app usage and file syncing is only allowed after a device passes certain compliance steps. 

  • Strict: Strict access is the most stringent enforcement mode, preventing any and all business activities without compliance checks. It may be the most work to use, but it is by far the safest option.


At the top of the device policy center you’ll see desktops and laptops, and mobile devices, giving you granular options to independently customize policies for PCs and phones. Device management settings include options to allow or disallow access based on hard drive encryption status, whether or not the OS is up to date, antivirus status, and more. Mobile device management can change access settings based on factors like whether or not a passcode is enabled, or if the OS is valid and not jailbroken.

In the data loss prevention center you’ll find you can tailor policies separately for PCs, android, and iOS devices. The DLP settings, powered by LocalZone, allow you to protect data by preventing copy/paste out of the enclave, restricting screen sharing, allowing or disallowing file downloads outside of LocalZone, and more. 


Security, Reliability, and Usability 

Venn LocalZone provides you all the tools and flexibility you need to enable BYOD and support a modern hybrid work setting, without the cumbersome restrictions and shortcomings of legacy VDI. Want to learn more about how Venn can help you supercharge your cybersecurity? Book a quick demo today and we’ll be happy to discuss putting LocalZone to work for you!


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